Thiết kế phòng sử dụng ván gỗ theo trường phái Hamilton

05/09/2009 23:07

NewsTrường phái Hamilton

Endless summers on a tropical island, warm ocean breezes and soothing vistas. Imagine life on the Whitsunday Islands on the Great Barrier Reef . No palm frond thatched hut here. This is Hamilton Island, playground of the rich and often kitsch. Fiona lives in this paradise and did my stalking for me this week. "These are the new Hamilton Island Yacht Club luxury villas. I live near Hammo and am quite familiar with the styles of houses and apartments there. These really are a cut above. For a start, it looks like you could actually be comfortable there! The local climate has been considered, plus views and privacy. It's all so harmonious and well resolved my eyes just glide over the rooms (usually this never happens 'cause I'm too busy thinking 'well that just looks wrong!'). I'd better pop out for a lotto ticket now."

I agree. Most times apartments here channel the ghost of Miami Beach past. Love the detailing in these and all that timber. I'm not sure though that if I had the $3 million required to snare one of these I wouldn't look for a tiny island of my own and build that thatched hut. Still a little bit of luxury in paradise is hard to pass up. Here while the link lasts and thanks Fiona!.