Berry Floor Laminate

Berry Floor Laminate

Berry Floor Wooden Laminate Flooring

Berry Floor Laminate


Berry Floor – manufactured by the Berry Group, Belgium - offers a complete range of wooden laminate and parquet flooring.

The life-like patterns of wooden laminates are scarcely distinguishable from natural wood, tiles or stone. However, there are clear benefits.

Berry Floor wooden laminates are very easy to clean & maintain, offers very high wear resistance for busy areas and furthermore, it is scratch resistant and extremely hygienic. These glueless, creak-free floors can be laid in record time over your existing floor, dismantled in as much time and transferred easily to a new venue in the same time frame.

It is elegant and available in a wide range of colors suitable for both residential and commercial purposes.

Berry Wooden Laminate Flooring

Water Resistant Wooden Laminate Flooring

Berry Floor. Now also available for areas with high moisture content. Especially for areas which are exposed to water, Berry Floor has developed Hydro Plus, a system whereby every board is given a special moisture resistant treatment. It’s the perfect solution for the bathroom, laundry and kitchen.

A water-resistant floor for every room!

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