Ván lót sàn Parquet

Ván lót sàn Parquet

Wooden Parquet Flooring

Berry Floor Parquet


A mosaic of wood in geometric designs utilized for decorative floorings is known as Parquet Flooring. Introduced by France in 1684, the large diagonal squares are called Versailles Parquet particularly intended to replace the marble floorings. Eminent companies use an extensive variety of wood such as Oak, Cherry, Lime, Maple and Walnut to make parquet floorings and fortunately, CCIL is one amongst those makers.

Hard woods are deemed as more durable that’s why Parquet wood flooring experts suggest Parquet hardwood flooring in kitchens and children’s areas whilst subtle hardwoods are predominantly used in living areas. However, our veteran experts at CCIL will guide and advise you on the best parquet wood suitable for any wood flooring installation.

At CCIL, we not only offer you unsurpassable flooring solutions but also provide a free consultation service ensuring that you’ll end up getting gratified and going for superlative hardwood parquet flooring because it’s more reliable and tough.

Out in the marketplace, myriad makers and installers are captivating customers by offering affordable Berry Floor Parquet but alas those affordable floorings aren’t dependable enough. Cognizant customers only entrust with CCIL whenever they necessitate supreme quality parquet wooden flooring with matchless finishing.

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Parquet Wooden Floorings

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